Indulgences for the Jubilee Year


Carlos Alfonso Azpiroz Costa, Master general of the Order of Friars Preachers, with his Curia, and also in the name of all the monasteries of contemplative life of the nuns joined from the beginning to the Order of Preachers by the Holy Patriarch Dominic, earnestly declares profound sentiments of filial devotion and religious obedience, while informing you and requesting of you what follows.

Our Holy Father Dominic, travelling with Diego de Acebes, bishop of Osma, saw with his own eyes the great evils that had arisen in France as a result of the Cathar heresy, and this caused him great sorrow. In order to root out these evils, it was absolutely necessary that there should be steadfast preaching, suitable for transmitting catholic truth and confirmed by holiness of life. Hence there arose Saint Dominic's intention to found a religious order that, as its purpose and special vocation, would embrace witnessing to the catholic faith in this way, not only in France, but in the whole world. However, totally grounded in the rule of faith, the Holy Patriarch Dominic considered that the ministry of preaching should arise from the firm root of contemplation. Thus the Holy Patriarch desired that the future Order of Preachers should spring forth, as if from its own mother, from a community completely dedicated to the contemplative life.

And so it was that in 1206 the monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe was founded, near the town of Fanjeaux; therefore next year, 2006, the passing of eight centuries will be celebrated from this beginning. From a historical perspective, it is the beginning of the Nuns of the Order of Saint Dominic; but from the perspective of our inmost charism, it is the beginning of the whole Order of Preachers and the spiritual project of ‘passing on to others the fruits of contemplation' which the Dominican religious family, trusting in the Lord, has undertaken everywhere.

In order that this auspicious event might be worthily commemorated, and fitting thanks given to Almighty God, the above-mentioned Petitioner is asking that, in the various churches and oratories of each and every monastery of the Order of Preachers, in the Roman Basilica of Saint Sabina and the in Patriarchal Basilica of Saint Dominic at Bologna, from the first Sunday of Advent 2006 until the solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord in 2008, special sacred celebrations and various undertakings be piously held. By means of these it is, of course, particularly proposed that Christ's faithful should zealously foster Faith, Hope and Charity, reinforce hierarchical communion with the Roman Pontiff and their own Bishop, and conform their lives with the norm of the Gospel.

Therefore, so that these spiritual fruits may be more perfectly attained, the Most Reverend Petitioner asks Your Holiness the gift of Indulgences for these same faithful.