The flood of June 2013 not only affected a majority of the Czech Republic, including Prague, but also our neighborhood in Podbaba. This webpage documents how the spate touched our friends and neighbors about 500m from our monastery. The water swamped about 25 family homes, 16 of which were flats, with some flooded nearly to the ceiling! In many others, cellars, workshops and gardens were flooded or destroyed. Not all of these people can find financial help from the state for various reasons. Some of them just finished the reconstruction of their houses after the flood of 2002. Our neighbors include families with young children, old people, and people who now cannot make a living from their damaged workshops. In short, these people urgently need your help, most of all your prayers! If some of you would like to make a contribution to help them, please contact us! We will make sure that any donations will go directly to those people who need it most, or those activities that would do the most good.