znak OP
Monastery of Nuns of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans)
Prague - Lysolaje


Work forms an important part of our life. On the one hand, by means of work we share in God's plan of creation redemption. On the other hand, it enables us to share most people's destiny, because we earn money for our life as they do. Our work is also an expression of the love we share together and of the love that we have for other people, since, through it, we try our best to be at the service of our neighbour. Finally, by our work, we develop the abilities and gifts that we have received from God, and practise the perseverance, responsibility, patience and creativity that promote our maturity and stability.

Our daily programme includes four or five hours devoted to work. We all share the housework (care of the house and garden and so on). In addition, we undertake a variety of tasks as part of our service to the Church and to people. These tasks also help us to earn our living. However, as we are a contemplative community, we do all our work within the boundaries of our monastery.

Some Sisters, for example, translate books and articles from different languages (English, German, French and Polish) including the preparation of a new liturgical translation of the Bible from the original languages, others prepare editions of liturgical or other books. They paint icons and copies of medieval paintings; they also make vestments decorated with hand-woven work and embroidery. They make rosaries, baptismal garments, and similar minutiae, and recently, they also produce leather items, handbags, decorative book coverings, rosary and knife cases etc.

We always strive to make our work a harmonious and subordinated part of our contemplative life. In this way, we try to bear witness to a right order of values, in whicht God comes first for every human being.

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